Pygraphviz SimpleΒΆ

An example showing how to use the interface to the pygraphviz AGraph class to convert to and from graphviz.

Also see the pygraphviz documentation and examples at

import networkx as nx

# plain graph
G = nx.complete_graph(5)  # start with K5 in networkx
A = nx.nx_agraph.to_agraph(G)  # convert to a graphviz graph
X1 = nx.nx_agraph.from_agraph(A)  # convert back to networkx (but as Graph)
X2 = nx.Graph(A)  # fancy way to do conversion
G1 = nx.Graph(X1)  # now make it a Graph

A.write("")  # write to dot file
X3 = nx.nx_agraph.read_dot("")  # read from dotfile

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