load_centrality(G, v=None, cutoff=None, normalized=True, weight=None)

Compute load centrality for nodes.

The load centrality of a node is the fraction of all shortest paths that pass through that node.

  • G (graph) – A networkx graph.

  • normalized (bool, optional (default=True)) – If True the betweenness values are normalized by b=b/(n-1)(n-2) where n is the number of nodes in G.

  • weight (None or string, optional (default=None)) – If None, edge weights are ignored. Otherwise holds the name of the edge attribute used as weight.

  • cutoff (bool, optional (default=None)) – If specified, only consider paths of length <= cutoff.


nodes – Dictionary of nodes with centrality as the value.

Return type



Load centrality is slightly different than betweenness. It was originally introduced by 2. For this load algorithm see 1.



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