to_networkx_graph(data, create_using=None, multigraph_input=False)[source]

Make a NetworkX graph from a known data structure.

The preferred way to call this is automatically from the class constructor

>>> d = {0: {1: {'weight':1}}} # dict-of-dicts single edge (0,1)
>>> G = nx.Graph(d)

instead of the equivalent

>>> G = nx.from_dict_of_dicts(d)
  • data (object to be converted) –

    Current known types are:

    any NetworkX graph dict-of-dicts dict-of-lists list of edges Pandas DataFrame (row per edge) numpy matrix numpy ndarray scipy sparse matrix pygraphviz agraph

  • create_using (NetworkX graph constructor, optional (default=nx.Graph)) – Graph type to create. If graph instance, then cleared before populated.

  • multigraph_input (bool (default False)) – If True and data is a dict_of_dicts, try to create a multigraph assuming dict_of_dict_of_lists. If data and create_using are both multigraphs then create a multigraph from a multigraph.